Cliff Tiles

Here is something I have been working for some time. Some cliff tiles! As well as some rocky formations to go with said cliffs. Everything is custom made original tiles (no RTP edits or anything like that) and drawn from scratch. Originally I was planning on a more pixel-art type look but ended up going with something more RTP-style with alpha transparency to give it a more ‘realistic’ look overall.

This cliff set is designed to work in addition to other tiles. All the cliffs are transparent so they can add onto any existing terrain A2 tiles such as grass or rocks. I’ve added a variety of rock formations to give your game more variety instead of reusing the same rock tiles over and over again. There are also a bunch of stones in different positions for those that want to add more variety to their tiles; also good for pseudo-parallax mapping.

If you want to use the tileset as a A5 tile then simply resize the image to 768 x 768


This sample shows what can be done with the tileset. Not included are water tiles, grass tiles, tree tiles or bush tiles. Nor is the overlay included. I am working on other tiles as well but not sure if they’re quality enough to release as of yet.

Please read the terms of usage if you do decide to use these tiles


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