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Earth Battle Animations

Hi folks, expanding on my previous style of battle animations, I have added some earth-based battle animations. These are screen-wide attacks suitable for targeting all enemies. Installing them into your game is easy, simply...


Vertical Icicle

I have been working on a different type of battle animations lately. Previous animations have been based on particle effects (where I simply draw a sprite and then use an animation software to produce...


Barrel [Roll]

New barrel tiles can be found here Enjoy!


New content!

Hello! Lost motivation over the past few months after having major health issues, [attempted] business acquisition and being in hospital. Went for a long period of time simply doing nothing besides playing FTL, Pokemon...


Tree tiles

I have added some original tree tiles that I originally displayed in my cliff tiles sample screenshot Enjoy!


City Tiles and Dispel animations

Uploaded some city building tiles fit for a more modern setting. All tiles completely original (not edits of existing tiles) In addition, the buff animations page has seen a new addition: Dispel!


Haste battle animations

Decided to return to making some battle animations; today’s upload are some haste battle animations. I have a few other battle animations in the works as well (dispel, gunshot, blunt impact). Have been working...


New cliff tileset

Hello folks. I have added a new set of tiles (rocky cliffs) which I have been working on for hours in the past few weeks. These tiles are all original tiles (not edit) and...